Monday, August 8, 2011

Early Jumpstart

To get an early jump-start on the fall seasons, I've ordered some fall-scented candles. I won't say what ones, that's a surprise, but I have ordered a pair of them that I think will smell wonderful together. I have another two that I want to pick up at the store, but only because I love visiting the store.

Is it just me, or has the fall season started earlier and earlier as time goes on? How many people have Halloween candy in their stores already?


BigV said...

Fall is my favorite season, but it scares the everloving hell out of me. My birthday is in October and I begin to cringe when I see Halloween Candy as I know it means I will soon be another year older.

Hope your little one is doing well.

Jamie said...

Big V: Sadly my birthdays are just about "getting older" too. Although I still love to have the excuse to party and have a good time!

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